Our home planet, Earth, is filled with all kinds of inherent beauty. But it can cause quite a bit of destruction, too. Fortunately, the planet works in such a way that we can use its own power to our advantage in the event of a natural disaster.

Generators are nature’s ultimate backup plan. When your main source of power for your home or place of business gets knocked out, a generator will step in and generate power for you in the interim (hence its name) by absorbing the renewable energy that the sun’s rays provide. That sure can come in handy!

Here are three specific ways that a generator can help you out if your power gets knocked out.

Generators keep perishable food from perishing

When your power fails for whatever reason, your refrigerator and freezer no longer have their temperatures controlled by electricity. This results in your fridge and freezer thawing out, and the contents inside warming up. For food items that need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to not spoil, that could be a problem. Generators are the solution to that problem, taking over in place of your electricity and harnessing its own energy to keep your fridge and freezer at the temperatures they’re supposed to remain at. Particularly when a nasty storm is headed your way and you have no clue how long you could be without power, a generator can save you hundreds of dollars and several meals’ worth of food.

Generators can keep the lights on

Flashlights and candles are great emergency options when your lights are shut off due to a lack of electricity, but they’re no substitute for having the lightbulbs throughout your house working the way you paid for them to work. Navigating through your house in the dark, even if you know it well, is dangerous, particularly if you have stairs. Also, after you’ve been in a lit room for a period of time and the room suddenly goes dark, it can take a few moments for your eyes to truly adjust to the darkness; that’s the period where you’ve got to be extra careful not to bump into anything (or anybody).

Along with power, generators can generate peace of mind

There are very few things that a generator cannot do that your main power source can. When your main power goes out, all you need to do is just flip a switch, and it will be as though you never lost your power. Everything you need will look and operate just the same way it did before the power went out. Perhaps the best thing about this is the peace of mind it can provide you. Instead of waiting hours on end or going back and forth with the power company, you can rest easy knowing that no matter how much damage might be done to a power line, you’re always just a flip of a switch away from activating your generator- the backup plan.