Solar panels alone will not work during a power outage. They will when paired with a solar battery storage system. Without a solar battery to store excess power, solar panels will shut down during a power outage to prevent electricity from flowing to the area’s power grid. 

The two systems Use Solar Power 

Solar panels with sunshine

The first system is a power grid-connected system that collects power generated by solar panels. It sends it back to the grid allowing a meter system by your electric company to credit your bill. Electricity generated this way goes to the grid and does not allow solar power usage during a blackout. Solar panels connected to the grid will shut off automatically for safety reasons. 

The second system is installing a solar battery storage system to solar panels to save solar power that can be used during a power outage. The battery system collects excess electricity. The excess is stored in an emergency breaker box and then in the home’s power system. 

H2 What does your battery power do during an outage? 

Keep in mind that during a blackout your solar system shuts down as well, so it will not continue to generate power during a power outage. With a battery storage system use it to power your essentials. Your fridge, some lights, and AC or heat during the winter should be powered. Conserve power during a power outage by not powering your entire home. 

Power Outages are Increasing 

In many places, power grids are very old and many areas are getting very populated. The United States leads all developed nations in power outages and blackouts! Some power companies are even shutting down the power grid in anticipation of a power outage from a storm, heat wave, or high customer demand. While grid power is failing we all should make the switch to renewable energy like solar or wind. 

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