If you’re tired of paying your traditional electricity bill, especially with the high costs in the summertime, you might be thinking about switching to a solar power solution. Solar energy is a great alternative to traditional electricity, but it’s important to know some of the details before investing. One thing you should know about solar energy is the solar racking system, but what is it exactly?


Solar Racking Overview


Have you ever wondered how solar panels mount to houses or how they are so uniformly placed? Solar racking is your answer. These systems are responsible for fixing the solar panels on many types of surfaces, including roofs, buildings, or even on the ground. This process makes it possible for solar panels to adhere to any existing structures without having to make any modifications. For example, solar racking allows you to add solar panels on top of your existing roof!

solar racking installation on roof without panels

Solar Racking Placement


The most important aspect of solar racking is the ability to orient the solar panels in a certain way. Since solar panels perform at their highest capacity when they are perpendicular to the sun’s rays, racking places the panels at the optimal position and angle to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day. 


On The Ground VS On The Roof


You may also be wondering whether it is better on a roof or the ground, and there are pros and cons to both. A roof-mounted system is more than likely going to be less expensive because the structural support already exists. On the ground, however, structural support has to be constructed underneath the system, adding cost. Although, a ground-mounted system is much easier to maintain as opposed to a roof-mounted system due to its accessibility. 


While they have their differences, either a roof or a ground racking system would allow you to generate energy in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way!


Now that you understand what solar racking is, you can start the process of installation! Do you believe your house qualifies for the installation of solar panels? Would you like to schedule a home efficiency audit to make sure that your house is a true friend to our planet? Reach out to us today!