At Viable Energy Solutions, our goal is to help make as many houses as we can as friendly to the environment as possible. Between solar panel installations, home efficiency audits, generator installations, and more, our services are calculated to turn your house into a true ally of our planet.

But our expertise doesn’t merely end there. In addition to helping our fellow citizens harness the power of renewable energy, we are also a fully licensed roofing company! There are several benefits that come with that, but here are perhaps the most crucial:

We can quickly detect and repair problems with your roof while performing another job

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve called us to your house to install a new solar panel. While we’re on your roof working to install that solar panel, we notice that a few of your shingles are frayed and worn, and one of them looks to be on the verge of being dislodged entirely. Instead of informing you that your shingles look worn out and need to be replaced and that you should call a roofing company- we’ll simply tell you what’s happened, and work with you to resolve the issue immediately. Spare yourself the additional step of having to find a different roofing company to fix the problem, and allow our team at Viable Energy Solutions to knock out two birds with one stone.

We can help make your house environmentally friendly while working on your roof

Just as we’re able to realize and address problems with your roof while installing a solar panel, the inverse is also true. For example, if we’ve been called to install a new layer of shingles, and we hear a loud noise that turns out to be your air conditioner working exceptionally hard to keep your house cool, we can address that. We can detect the source of an air leak, or we can simply install a generator for you, usually in a matter of hours. In a world where convenience rules, the idea that two tasks that ordinarily might require two different companies to complete can all be condensed into one bill is highly appealing.

We specialize in energy-efficient roofing solutions

As we’ve previously mentioned (link to prior blog), we’re big fans of energy-efficient roofing solutions. Whether that’s a white roof to reflect the sun’s rays and keep your air conditioning unit from having to go into overdrive or a green roof that grows vegetation that helps our planet thrive, we know how to install brand new roofs that serve as allies to our environment. We also understand that different houses come with different circumstances, however, and we can work with you to build the type of roof that suits you best.

Do you believe your house qualifies for the installation of solar panels? Would you like to schedule a home efficiency audit to make sure that your house is a true friend to our planet? Reach out to us today!