Renewable energy is considered one of our planet’s best friends because, as its name suggests, it continues to renew itself all the time and thus the supply of it will never run out. One example of renewable energy is solar energy, which entails harnessing the sun’s rays via solar panels that can power the world around you.

Here are four of the most common uses:

Solar energy being used to power electricity Electricity is powered by solar energy

Imagine not having to spend a large chunk of money every month on your home’s electrical bill. Well, solar energy is certainly one way to make that happen. When the sun’s rays beam down onto your solar panel, the energy from that sunlight is then directly converted into electricity. That means your appliances, your light switches, and virtually everything else in your home that runs on electricity are all solar powered. The best part? As long as the sun continues to shine, you’ll be saving not only money, but also our planet by doing so.

Solar energy can heat and cool things accordingly

Certain objects, appliances, and devices need to be kept at specific temperatures in order to be used optimally- and sometimes, the optimal temperature changes based on the time of year. For example, if it’s 95 degrees outside, you’ll want to keep your internal house temperature cooler than when it’s 35 degrees. That’s where solar power comes in. Solar heating relies on the sunlight to keep things warm enough; similarly, solar ventilation relies on sunlight to be converted into energy that keeps things from getting warmer than they should.

Portable solar energy can help you charge your devices

The massive solar panels you see on top of the roofs of houses aren’t the only way you can harness energy from the sun. Portable solar panels exist, too, and they can fit into your pocket. These devices naturally cannot provide anywhere close to the amount of power that the solar panels on top of houses can provide, but if you’re away from your home and you need a burst of power in a pinch to power a phone, tablet, or laptop, portable solar panels can come in quite handy. Just make sure you tilt the face of the panel toward the sunlight, and you should be able to keep your electronic devices from running out of power long enough to make it to your destination.

Solar power can keep the streets lit

The same way that you can keep the lights on in your home with solar energy, smaller solar panels on top of street lights can do the same thing with your local roads. Towns like saving money just the way that individuals do, and as the sun beams down on the panels during the day, the solar panels silently store all that energy from the sun’s rays so that when night falls, the energy is then used to keeps the roads lit.


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