The first step toward saving our planet’s natural resources with solar energy is, naturally, to have a solar panel installed. But a solar panel isn’t something that one can simply take a “set it and forget” approach to. At Viable Energy Solutions, our solar panel company takes pride in ensuring your property is solar-eligible and that you’ll benefit from it. In addition to our solar panel installations, we also provide solar panel repairs and maintenance services to customers with existing solar panels already installed- whether it was Viable Energy Solutions who installed them or another company.

With just a few minutes of work per inspection or repair, our team of trusted experts can make sure that your property is well-equipped to harness the sun’s natural energy for the long haul. Contact our team today to learn more about our services or submit a service request to keep your solar panels in top shape!



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    Don’t Have a Solar Panel Set Up Yet?

    No problem! We can do that, too! The first step toward installing a solar panel is determining if your home or place of business is solar-eligible. Fill out this quick eligibility form to find out!

    How Does Solar Energy Work?

    Solar energy is a fancy term for using the rays of the sun to power the world around you. When the sun shines onto a solar panel, the sunlight’s energy is absorbed by a series of photovoltaic cells (also known as PV cells) within the panel. This energy creates powerful charges of electricity that then move about throughout the inside of the cell, which then causes electricity to begin to flow. The great thing about solar energy is that it is a form of renewable energy, which means that an infinite amount of it exists, and therefore, we are free to use as much of it as we can!

    the importance of renewable energy

    One of the reasons why solar energy is so important is because as long as the sun remains intact, there is an endless supply of it, and thus, we are all free to use as much of it as we want. Whereas most of the earth’s natural resources, such as water, oil, gasoline, and minerals, only exist in finite quantities, and therefore could eventually be harvested or drawn to extinction, the pure energy from the sun is something that won’t run out. Therefore, it is considered an immense help to our planet to not use resources that only exist in finite quantities when additional resources that will always continue to replenish themselves exist alongside them.

    Solar Panels Can Save You A Lot Of Money

    On top of the natural incentive to take care of our planet and best situate it for the long haul, there are two financial benefits to using a solar panel. Firstly, a solar panel on your home or place of business significantly reduces the need for your other sources of electricity- which are most likely not powered by sources of renewable energy- and thus will save you a hefty sum of money on your electric bill. Second, as an additional reward for helping our planet by not exhausting its finite resources, buying solar panels can even help make you eligible for a tax break!

    Solar Eligibility

    Do you think your house or place of business is solar-eligible? Fill out this quick form and find out today!