Solar generators, much like solar panels on your roof, are capable of soaking in the sun’s rays and converting their power into electricity that you can use for your house or office. In fact, generators actually have small solar panels built into them to perform the same duties as the large ones on top of roofs do; they also consist of solar batteries, inverters, and charge controllers. Unlike solar panels, however, solar generators are mobile power stations that can provide electricity anywhere that you’re able to physically bring it.


Technically speaking, a solar generator is anything that uses the sun’s energy for power. Some of them are small enough to bring along on camping and fishing trips, and can even fit in your pocket. Others are massive blocks of matter that weigh a few hundred pounds. We’re here to help you get situated with the latter.

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No matter what you need electricity to do for your house, whether it’s operating an HVAC unit or lightbulbs, solar generators can make it happen- and help the planet at the same time. By taking in the pure energy from the sun’s rays, and then converting them into power for electricity, a generator is sparing the planet a few doses of natural resources that only exist in finite amounts, such as gasoline and oil. Not only that, when people rely on the burning of fossil fuels to power their houses or offices, damage is inflicted upon the Earth’s atmosphere.

If all that wasn’t enough motivation to switch to solar energy, you just might be eligible for a tax break if you do- and everybody loves tax breaks. At Viable Energy Solutions, we provide solar generator installations to homeowners across Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, SC, and beyond. Don’t wait any longer to make the switch- contact our team today to discuss your options and request a solar panel quote!

Installation Process

First things first: we’ll need to determine if your property is solar-eligible. To get that process started, simply fill out this form.

Once you’ve gotten that taken care of, the process is actually fairly simple. One of our professional advisors will travel to your home or place of business, or meet with you virtually via a video conference, for an evaluation of your property that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Assuming that we conclude that your property will indeed benefit from solar, our team of engineers will design a custom proposal that will outline exactly where the generator and/or panels would be installed, and exactly how much money you’ll be able to save by simply not renting your power.

The final step is to execute the game plan we’ve crafted, and put your custom engineered analysis into action! We’ll drive out to your property, set up the generator, and start saving you money!

To learn more about our examinations of your property, visit our Home Efficiency Audit page.

Solar Eligibility Evaluation Form

Are you interested in helping the environment while at the same time earning a tax break? Fill out this evaluation form, and let’s see if your house or office is solar-eligible!