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At Viable Energy Solutions, we’re proud of a long list of things. We’re proud of our unwavering commitment to helping the environment by conserving energy, we’re proud of the high-quality energy solutions we provide our customers, and we’re proud of our versatility.


As citizens of this planet, it is our collective goal to do everything we can do to protect, conserve, and take care of our planet. Our main goal as an energy solutions and solar panel company is to help homeowners, landlords, and business owners across Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington, SC make their homes or places of business as friendly to the environment as possible. In order to best accomplish this goal, we offer several different types of energy solutions. From solar panel repairs and installations to home efficiency audits and electric vehicle charger installations, we have you covered. Contact our team to learn more about our services and get started today!

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There’s simply no better way to utilize Earth’s natural energy than a solar panel. Not only are solar panels friendly to the environment, but they’re friendly to your wallet, too, potentially saving you hundreds (and in some cases, maybe even thousands) of dollars on your electricity bill. Then there’s the fact that solar energy is renewable energy, which means that it will last forever in a world where few things do. For more information, view our Solar Service page  and our Solar page.


Beyond simply installing a solar panel onto your roof, there are other services we provide to help make your roof an ally in our quest to conserve energy. We are also able to install special elastomeric coatings to your roof, as well as repair, remodel, and if necessary, rebuild it in preparation for a solar panel installation.

Home Efficiency Audit

A home efficiency audit will help assess how much energy your house uses. One of our experts will visit your home at a time that’s most convenient for you, and examine your home, room by room, to analyze exactly how much energy each room or appliance is using. Though possible for individuals to audit their homes themselves, the benefit of having a professional conduct the efficiency audit is the unmatched level of detail that the professional auditor can provide with high-powered equipment, such as infrared cameras and blower doors.


Installing any kind of generator is not something that most people can do by themselves. In many cases, a licensed electrician is needed to obtain permits from your city. That’s where we come in- we handle the whole process for you, from getting the permits to building a level concrete base for the generator to sit on, to physically installing the generator

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Cars that are powered by batteries as opposed to gasoline are exponentially more favorable to our planet since they use a type of renewable energy as opposed to a resource that the planet only has so much of. We’re here to encourage the continued use of cars that don’t require gasoline by offering electric vehicle chargers for your home so that you don’t have to make the trip to a convenience store just to recharge your car.

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