The first time you ever heard the phrase “renewable energy,” it probably sounded like a really good thing. The words themselves convey the idea that you can draw power from a source that will never stop feeding you that power. And that, essentially, is what renewable energy is!

It’s a little more complicated than that, but ultimately, renewable energy is one of the strongest allies to our planet’s health that we have at our disposal.

The cost-benefit analysis of renewable energy

One clear benefit of renewable energy is that as long as the resource that provides that energy exists- such as the wind, sun, or water- the energy will never cease to replenish itself. Geothermal energy will always be there as long as there continues to be heat within the earth. Hydropower will always exist as long as bodies of water continue to move. Solar power will always remain as long as the sun is not extinguished. And so on. Better yet- renewable energy doesn’t damage the environment.

There’s one caveat to all this, though. Just because the energy is renewable and will always continue to replenish itself doesn’t mean that one can use an infinite amount of it. There is only so much of it that is available at one time.

It’s also worth noting that in some instances, renewable energy can be more difficult to harness than others. For example, the sun may never stop shining, and sending its rays down to Earth- but that doesn’t mean a cloudy day can’t hinder those rays. Solar panels will still at least somewhat work when clouds block the sun but are not nearly as effective as when there’s a clear blue sky up above.

The bottom line, though, is that the net result of renewable energy is a strong positive. There may be cloudy days when your solar panels can only function at about 20% capacity, and you may not be able to use leviathan amounts of renewable energy at once, but those minor inconveniences are easily overshadowed by the benefits of using renewable energy.

Why is renewable energy so important?

The main reason that renewable energy is so important is that it helps keep our planet intact. The use of renewable energy does not produce nearly as much carbon dioxide as the burning of fossil fuels, which can lead to all kinds of damage to the Earth’s environment.  This is our home planet, and we only have one of it, so naturally, anything we can do to take care of it should be done whenever possible.

The other reason that renewable energy is so critical is that, as the name would suggest, it will never stop replenishing itself. That’s not the case for Earth’s natural resources. The three types of fossil fuels that we use to produce energy are coal, natural gas, and oil; at some point, if the world’s population continues to blow through our planet’s available allotment of those resources, there won’t be any of them left. In order to avoid this (or at least delay it as long as humanly possible), renewable energy should be used whenever it’s possible and there’s no clear alternative.

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