These days, people are looking for more and more ways to help the environment. Society is looking for energy-efficient options for everything they can think of, from their power sources to their cars. But one of the easiest ways to help conserve energy is actually right above your head: your roof.

That’s right, there are plenty of different energy-efficient options for your roof. With any of these energy-efficient options, you can help turn your roof into a true ally of the environment.

White roofs are very energy-efficient because of their color

Sometimes, the simplest things can make the largest differences. If you live in the southern parts of the United States, you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of having a car with a light color. This is because the color white has reflective properties that make the sun’s rays bounce off and keep them from permeating the inside of your car, keeping you cooler. Well, the same principle works with roofs, too.

A roof that’s painted white can keep the sun’s rays out of your house, which saves your air conditioning unit a lot of work, and thus, saves you a lot of money. By contrast, a roof that’s painted black or dark brown allows the sun’s rays to penetrate the inside of the house. In order to achieve the same tolerable inside temperature that you want, your air conditioner will go into overdrive and work far harder than it should have to, which in turn will cost you a lot more money.

Green roofs are energy-efficient because they block out the sun’s rays in a different way

Whereas with white roofs we were literally talking about the color white, we mean something a little different by the term “green roof.” Rather than literally painting the roof of your house green, we’re talking about planting some live vegetation on top of your roof – if it happens to be flat.

Most forms of plant life release oxygen into the environment that humans need to breathe, so planting some vegetation on your roof will help with that. The other benefit to installing plant life onto your roof is the fact that it achieves the same effect as the color white: it keeps the sun’s rays out of your house. The only difference is that the plants will absorb the sunlight for themselves, as opposed to reflecting them back.

Installing solar panels is the ultimate energy-efficient option

Perhaps there’s no more energy-efficient roofing option than to simply install solar panels onto your roof- which just so happens to be our bread and butter! Solar panels allow you to use sunlight as your main source of energy, as opposed to having to pay a hefty electricity bill each month. Simply install a few solar panels onto your roof, and watch it pay for itself in no time!

Do you believe your house qualifies for the installation of solar panels? Would you like to schedule a home efficiency audit to make sure that your house is a true friend to our planet? Reach out to us today!