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Imagine a world where our primary modes of transportation didn’t need to exhaust Earth’s limited supply of gasoline, and thus wouldn’t inflict heavy damage to our planet’s atmosphere. Such a world would rely on renewable energy (which is a form of energy that never runs out), the way that phones, tablets, and computers do. Well, the good news is you don’t need to imagine it- that world is here in the form of electric cars.

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 charge your vehicle at home


Just because electric cars don’t require gasoline in order to run (and don’t pollute the environment) doesn’t mean that they don’t require any form of intermittent care. Just as a gas tank empties out as the gasoline is used- or perhaps more congruent for this specific example, just as your electronic devices need to be charged from time to time- electric cars need to be charged for them to operate.

That’s where electric vehicle chargers come in. If you have an electric car, we’ll spare you the trip to your local convenience store to charge your car each time its charge runs low- and, of course, we’ll save the planet an incalculable amount of its supply of gas.



Congratulations and thank you- you’ve decided to help take care of our home planet in several different ways by not driving a car that runs on gasoline. So what comes next, you might ask?

Our team of professionals will come to your house or office and plan out the ideal location to set up the electric vehicle charger. Obviously, it has to go somewhere that your car can drive up to, but there’s a little more planning that goes into selecting a spot for it than that. For starters, it has to be set up in a location that can directly accept the sun’s infinite amount of energy- either directly outside, or connected to something that is, so that the electricity from the sun can flow.

On that note, it’s imperative that your house or office be adequately prepared to host an electric vehicle charger. This is why installing an electric vehicle charger is best left to the professionals- and this is where our team of experts comes into play. We’ll have to make sure that the building in which we install the electric vehicle charger is physically able to deal with the additional load of one from an electricity standpoint; neglecting this step can lead to short circuits, electrical fires, and potentially even explosions. It goes without saying that these are all less than desirable occurrences!

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