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Your Trusted Solar Panel Company in Charleston, SC and Beyond

Since opening our doors in 2015, Viable Energy Solutions has been responsible for installing over 2,000 solar panels to properties in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, SC, and throughout the Carolinas. Our goal is simple: to make the world a better, and greener, place, while at the same time saving you money. If you’d like to help us achieve that goal, please reach out to us today to schedule a home efficiency audit and see if your house is solar-eligible! We’d be happy to provide you with a solar panel quote if your property is perfect for the addition of solar panels or a solar generator.


We take pride in knowing that every time we install a solar panel to your property, we’re saving some of our planet’s natural resources.


If you’d like to install a solar panel onto the roof of your house or office, but the current structure of your roof isn’t compatible with a solar panel,  Viable Energy Solutions can help with that.

energy audit

Our team of trusted experts will come to your house when it’s convenient for you and thoroughly examine every square inch of your estate and rate your property’s efficiency



The process of making your home environmentally friendly


Viable Energy Solutions is proud to offer free, no-obligation solar analysis and savings proposals to anybody who thinks his or her house or place of business might qualify for a solar panel installation. The process is simple.

To begin, one of our professional advisors will travel to your house or business, or meet with you over a video conference, for a brief (approximately 20 minutes) initial evaluation. Once we determine that you and your property will benefit from Solar, our engineers will design a custom proposal that will show exactly where solar would be installed on your property. This will also show exactly how much money you will be able to save once you stop renting your power.


Once this step of the process is complete, we will then schedule a time to deliver your custom engineered analysis and show you precisely how to harness the pure energy of the sun for years to come- at a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents out of your pockets. The panels themselves are paid for via a set loan, and with the way utility rates are perennially on the rise, once the panels loans are paid off in full, you can begin to save hundreds of dollars per month!


I love the Energy Efficiency Package that I got from Viable Energy Solutions! Every person that I interacted with was professional, knowledgeable and helpful! It was a pleasure to do business with Viable Energy Solutions.

(written on September 22, 2020)

John Z.

The owner David was so accommodating! He helped me work through some issues with financing and even got me a BETTER RATE! Every time I called, the phone was answered! Viable Energy Solutions staff are attentive, honest, and VERY GOOD at what they do!

(written on September 5, 2020)

Ashley H.

Viable Energy Solutions is the GO TO COMPANY for solar installation and attic insulation!! Their staff was amazing- always answered the phone, kept me informed through every step. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

(written on August 17, 2020)

Brad M.

The install was GREAT! And working with the Viable Energy Solutions staff was AWESOME! All the work was performed at a high level. Solar panels work and look AMAZING!!

(written on July 29, 2020)

Chris T

Powering the world with its own natural resources

We are proud to power our home planet’s life and property alike with clean, free energy that the planet’s natural resources provide. At the same time, our solar panels offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty (and in some cases, more) for residential, business, and government applications. We pride ourselves on finding the best deal possible for both our planet and our customers alike- a deal that provides basic necessities to our clients, and helps the well-being of our planet.

Energy solutions services

At Viable Energy Solutions, we realize that there are plenty of different ways that we can help make your house an ally to the environment. This is why we offer a wide variety of different energy solutions services, including solar, roofing, home efficiency audits, generators, and electric vehicle chargers. To learn more about the specifics of our range of services, visit our Energy Solutions page.


The true measure of a business or product is what the sum of the customers think of it. Anybody can talk about why his or her company is better than the competition, but we have an extensive list of satisfied customers to prove it. Visit our testimonials page to hear from actual clients of ours, and why, exactly, they were thrilled with our services.

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Do you think your home or place of business might qualify for a Viable Energy Solutions solar system?


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